VOIP Service During the Papal Visit

Work From Home During The Papal Visit

Road closings have been scheduled. Public transportation will be open to those fortunate enough to have won the ticket lottery. The Papal Visit of 2015 is upon the city of Philadelphia, leaving many businesses with no choice but to shut down in the days leading up to the weekend of September 25th.

For those businesses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland that conduct business over the internet, telecommuting will ease the travel difficulties surrounding the planned road closures in Philadelphia.  Is your business phone up to the task?


Telecommuting has never been easier than it is with VOIP Services by Total Technology Resources.

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is our cost-effective, alternative phone service that lets you make voice calls through your internet connection, giving you the competitive edge you need to get work done, even if your office is closed for the Papal Visit.

  • VOIP allows you to make calls anywhere in the world at anytime, long distance or internationally, from your computer or phone.
  • Our call routing feature allows you to make calls from wherever you are, without tying you down to a dedicated phone line or number.
  • Your business will have free access to features other companies charge for, like voicemail-to-email, conference calls, call logs, and caller ID.

Don’t let the Papal Visit hinder your ability to work. Let us show you how VOIP can keep your business connected anywhere, any time. Call today to see if VOIP is right for your business. 215.464.8121