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IS VOIP for You or your company?

VOIP – or Voice Over Internet Protocol – is a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to a traditional business phone service. VOIP technology lets you use your internet connection to make voice calls – from a phone or a computer. A TTR hosted VOIP system can give your business a competitive edge.

Here are Just a few of the Many Advantages to Using TTR’s Hosted VOIP Services:

Lower Costs

Phone calls using VOIP tend to be less expensive than those made with traditional phones. No need for pricey long distance or international calling plans. Call anywhere in the world, anytime.

Greater Mobility

VOIP includes a call routing feature that allows you to keep in touch with current and prospective clients no matter where you are. You aren’t locked into a dedicated line/phone number.

More Features

With VOIP, you’ll have free access to features notavailable with traditional phone service – or only available at an additional cost. These include voicemail to email, conference calls, call logs and caller ID with name.

Is VOIP For You?

  • Are you paying too much for your current phone service?
  • Is your phone hardware antiquated and/or broken down?
  • Is your current phone system lacking the features you need to be competitive?
  • Then yes, you need TTR’s hosted VOIP services

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Why Hosted VOIP?

When TTR hosts your VOIP, there’s no need to pour your business capital into expensive equipment. All you need to purchase are the phones. We take care of all the rest. Upgrades are automatic. Adding or removingusers or services is a breeze. You’ll never pay for services you don’t need when TTR hosts your VOIP.

Total Technology Resources (TTR) is focused on helping small businesses. Call us your “go to” guys for everything related to telecommunications. Because we include peace-of-mind with every product and service we sell.

Better Service. More Support. We are here for you before, during and especially, after the sale. We know how important it is to keep your systems up and running.

Want to Know More?
See how easy and effortless we make it to have a VOIP system installed at your place of business. In essence, you purchase the phones, and we’ll do the rest.